This site is the only place to find the best saddle restoration work

With many equestrian outings, under the sun, in the heat or sometimes in muddy environments, saddlery of the horse is subjected to severe tests. Cracks, creases and even bumps may appear. With Equitack, you can ensure a complete restoration. This site will allow you to learn about the different services.

Ask for the advice of a professional to evaluate the saddle

Check the braces against your saddle! It is an essential repair and costs almost nothing. And all the better, because they tend to wear out over time and when they do, your saddle becomes really dangerous. A broken counter-straps can cause a serious accident if your saddle turns. Generally, changing to new counter-sanglons will cost you between 100-200 €. On most saddles, the counter-straps are attached to nylon straps suspended from the pommel. Replacing these counter-straps is simply doing some stitching, removing the used counter-straps, putting the new ones in place, and stitching everything up. It is more reasonable to ask a qualified saddler to take care of it, in order to obtain well-stitched counter-seams well aligned with the holes already present.

Used panels that must be replaced

The panels, whether foam or wool, are damaged. The foam softens and loses its support qualities. Imagine the inside of an old pair of sneakers or the foam cushions of an old bus. Wool padding tends to become uneven, bumpy and tight. Imagine a stuffed child who has had many hugs and with whom we played a lot: things are not really in their place! So when you check a used saddle, gently squeeze the panels and feel them with your fingers. Squeeze, feel and slide your fingers into the slots. See if the leather is smooth or if there are bumps, irregularities or softened areas.

So, if you find anything, you have to worry. Thanks to Equitack, you will have the opportunity to renew your saddle with perfection.